Richard Hall

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"World Class Voice - Home Town Service"

When you need a voice over to capture and keep your audience's attention... To connect them to your mission and purpose... To engage them with you for a desired result... You want the voice talent of Richard Hall!

He is a nationally and internationally trusted voice over artist and voice acting talent with a brilliantly warm, honest timbre for narration, commercials, station imaging-sweepers, audio books, e-learning, business videos, movie trailers, and character voices dedicated to bringing the right connection to your audience! On time... On budget... Hassle Free... "Home Town Service" at it's finest.


I work from a state-of-the-art custom voice over studio with a noise floor below -80Db and RT below .16 at 100Hz. I'm a big fan of both my Rode NT1 & NTK, but regularly use my VO-1A as it is indistinguishable on my voice from a U87...

I earned an Undergraduate degree in Music and studied under the esteemed and famous vocal coaches and professors, Dr Robert Middaugh and Dr Robert Wright, before earning a Master's Degree in Communications (dual emphasis on Rhetoric and Business Communication) and entering the "real world" of business and life. I've run a very successful Audio/Video Production company for an awesome boss, was an award winning Business Analyst for a top Management Consulting Firm, provided "Communications" consulting to clients all over the world, and served in various capacities within several Protestant Christian Churches before making the leap to turn a part-time hobby (voice over work) into a full-time career!


I have voiced and still voice projects for many of the most recognizable and trusted names and brands in the world: Harley Davidson, Mercedes, Ford, Kubota, Shell, Fox, The US Army, Belaz, Jack Daniels, HIlti, and many more! I have also worked with many of the biggest names in the production world, including: Blue Omega, DHX, Dualstar, UIG Entertainment, 2929, and Disney... I am currently narrating two National Television shows: one for National Public Television and another for True TV - but I'd love to work with you next!


I am an audio engineer's dream talent... But I can be an indecisive client's thorn in the side. I ALWAYS deliver pristine files that are eloquently edited to match even the most demanding specs - but especially on commercial projects, I offer multiple takes of the provided script to give the end client options for what they like "best" in an effort to eliminate any need for retakes or revisions!