Rich Kelly

Rich Kelly

Membro à 9 anos
"Rich, Distinctive, Conversational, Believable, Articulate"

Rich's vocal attributes have been described as richly-textured, distinctive, inviting, engaging, conversational, articulate, believable, and memorable.

Rich is an effective communicator whose voice and delivery styles are perfect for e-Learning, Business Internet, all types of Corporate Presentations, Telephone Messaging Systems, Commercials, Podcasts, and Documentaries.

Rich is easy to work with, multifaceted and dependable. He will assist you with completing your project on time and within your budget. His mission is to exceed your expectations and provide you an extraordinary experience!


Voiceover Techniques and Digital Audio Engineering with Chuck McKibben, former Producer of Mel Blanc Studios in Hollywood.
Hosting, Spokesperson & Teleprompter, and On-Camera Technique with Wickline Casting in Philadelphia, PA
Commercial Acting I & II with Hollywood Director Tom Logan
Commercial Audition Techniques with The Actor's Center in Philadelphia, PA
Radio and Television Broadcasting at The Connecticut School of Broadcasting


Clients include:

The New York Guitar Expo, Pedibrush, The Friends of Washington Crossing Park, The Guardians of the National Cemetery, eLearning Brothers, and PMI (Project Management Institute.


Lightning-fast articulated delivery for disclaimers, accurate pronunciation of complex words, terms, and names, character voices, tongue twisters, comedic improvisation and writing copy.

Characterizations: Southern U.S. drawl, Drill Sergeant, Milquetoast, Doofus, Grandfather, Frail Old Man Child, Gangster, Blue Collar Worker, Sports Announcer, Newscaster, Old-time Newsreel Announcer, Game Show Host, Cheesy, Extremely Fast-Talker, Teacher/Instructor, Medical Professional, Salesman, Promotional Speaker, Mild-mannered Boss, Angry Boss, Angry Customer, Comedian, Alien, Monster, Diety in video game, Know-it-all, Super Hero

Rich is an effective communicator, a pleasure to work with, and has the ability to take direction, understand and apply it. He uses his versatile performance skills, critical ears and technical expertise to efficiently deliver your high-quality finished audio on time every time!

Member of World Voices Organization