Ricardo Soares

Ricardo Soares

Membro à 7 anos •
"Quality at best Price for PT Portugal(European) VO Jobs!"

My work is based on many dedication to each concrete job.
Depending on the type of job needed, I work as a multi-mood voice talent for E-learning texts,Educational,Commercials, Animation dubbing,Characters, and many others.
I have my own professional studio and voice talent management for any kind of productions in Portuguese,or, in other any native language.
I have many experience as radio producer and VO talent,sound producer,musical producer,TV narration,copywriter,documentary and many more.


I´ve been in College studing Sound and Image Arts.Then,I realized that I had to make a dream come true:Radio.Since then,I�ve been always working as a voice over talent and as producer for radio,tv and music industry.




My main priorities are: Quality and PRICE!
With my work, you can achieve audio files in 24h(maximum) at minimum price!
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