Peter Hassinger

Peter Hassinger

Membro à 9 anos •
"Peter has a a soothing, baritone-bass sound, with good control."

Peter has a strong instinct for copy interpretation. With a vocal range from 55 to 70, has a natural, expressive, neighborly, warm, and trustworthy voice quality.

Peter’s demo presents narration for corporate/industrial, biography and documentary.


Trained at Edge Studios in New York with Mike Ingram and Johnny Heller.


After a start writing audio scripts for sales training, Peter went on to 30 + years in corporate communications production, primarily for presentation at live events. His work included media creation, writing, directing, interviewing, and speech-coaching.
Peter has directed VO sessions and, prior to beginning his own career in voice-over, occasionally voiced as storyteller for live events such as ITT’s international business leaders’ awards presentation.