Peggy Kusinski

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"No nonsense with a fun twist. straight, direct, good narration"
Peggy Kusinski

I have had a 25 year career in TV sportscasting so my base is midwest Chicago and knowledgeable. My background is recognizable in sports reporting, dependable and believable. My most natural delivery is "news" and "sports" but I've been trained for more formal delivery for serious straightforward narrations and fun upbeat deliveries.


The Acting Studio Chicago. Norm Bucher, Voiceover Level I; Jeff Lupetin, Intermediate Voiceover & personal coaching. Dan Leffel, personal coaching.


I have tracked many voiceovers for NBC Chicago News & Sports over 20 years. While also working in Chicago radio as host, newsreader, ad reader and more.


I can do live auctions, live sports play by play as well as post production editing