Paul Petrisor

Paul Petrisor

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"I will perform a deep voice over with my unique dramatic voice."

Hey there. My name is Paul Petrisor and I'm a professional Voice Actor. I have worked on hundreds of voice over projects and have a youtube channel where I recite poetry. I absolutely love portraying fun characters and to work on exciting ventures. You'll find that I have one of the deepest tones of voice you can find out there, and if you think it will fit your needs, I would be happy to have a conversation about your project, and I can assure that you will end up with a very deep excellently executed male voice over.

-TV/Radio Commercials
-Voice Acting Scripts
-Video Game Characters
-Video Narrations
-YouTube Videos
-Audio books
-And many more!


I've mastered the principals of voice acting mainly trough experience. I am highly active on a daily basis on delivering voice over work from several streams, and I've decided to include bodalgo in that portfolio as well. I've worked on over 300 projects in the past year, which have enrichen my expertise immensely, because of how vast and challenging they were. I have also taken theatre classes and have been on stage before performing in plays, and I will start studying for a bachelors degree in acting and drama this fall.


My biggest achievements so far in terms of notable companies that I've worked with include: Lamborghini, Ford and Yamaha. In terms of brands that are not that notable, I've worked on over 300 projects in the past year or so which included several commercials for smaller brands. I've also worked on characters or narrations for video games, animated films, documentaries, youtube videos and others.


I feature post production mastering for all the voice over that I provide. I can also add music and effects if the project requires it.