Paul Bellantoni

Membro à 8 anos •
"Experienced, versatile, responsive, creative, and flexible"
Paul Bellantoni

Finding exactly the voice you are looking for, that's what I do.

From a friendly corporate narrator, a "guy next door" commercial read, that experienced medical/Doctor or IT guy, to Shakespeare or dramatic movie trailer voice.

I'm able to provide you a wide palette so you can get EXACTLY the voice you need. My satisfied clients include some of the world's biggest companies, and all sizes down to new small startups.


Experienced New York trained actor. I have worked with some of the best coaches in both NYC and LA including.
Nancy Wolfson
Marc Graue
Bob Bergen
Donna Grillo
James Alburger & Penny Abshire
Sherri Hodes
David Lyerly
Carrie Faverty & Andy Roth
Lisa Fischoff & Elizabeth Bunnell
Kevin Delaney


Mercedes Benz
Blizzard Entertainment
Godiva Chocolate
Major League Baseball
Best Western Hotels
Harley Davidson
Bud Light
Little Caesars Pizza
Galbani Cheese
Pella Windows
Michael Collins Whiskey
Kraken Rum
Berio Olive Oil
Redken for Men


I also specialize in accent work. I was an opera singer for 15 years, so I speak some German, French, and Italian. When a company needs a VO with a French, German, Italian, or British accent, they come to me. I have been hired many times for each of those accents (and others!) by companies like Godiva, Accor Hotels, Galbani cheese, and Redken.