Patrick Cunningham

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"A warm, relaxed, Everyman feel. Trustworthy, honest and wise."

I have a penchant for teaching others, so they learn thoroughly and quickly. I take great pride in my ability and passion for educating others, helping them to absorb and retain the information with that same passion. With this in mind, I will deliver excellent results in eLearning, corporate training and documentaries.


I have been training with coaches, taking online webinars, attending conferences and talking with other successful talent through social media since 2017.


I have a professional commercial demo which showcases my talent and versatility, which would do an outstanding job of indicating how I will produce a quality, professional recording for my clients on every project.
I am new to this industry, and I have been working diligently to develop and nurture my voiceover abilities, and I am eager and committed to proving my worth.


I do not provide those services.