Nikki Lu Lowe

Nikki Lu Lowe

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"Nikki Lu Lowe Voice Over"

Since 2005, Nikki Lu Lowe has developed one of the more diverse voiceover careers in the industry. On any given day, she might be narrating the antics of Curious George, instructing listeners on ways to enhance their company’s cyber-security, voicing a TV commercial for a grocery store or a video game for the visually impaired. She is heard on Commercials and Audiobooks, Documentary Narration and E-learning, projects for kids and projects for experts.

Originally trained as an educator, Nikki Lu continues to invest in her own education as a voice actor, with private coaching, workshops, acting classes and voice lessons. This training, combined with her personal mission to create community, inspire adventure, evoke thought and connect people to stories, is at the heart of Nikki’s voice work, allowing her to bring life to the words and words to life.


Private Voice Over coaching
Private Voice Lessons
Improv Training
Acting Courses
Numerous Workshops and Conferences


Pandora Radio
Scholastic Books
Houghton Mifflin
McGraw-Hill Education
Marriott Hotels
Habitat for Humanity
Comfort Suites
....and many more


documentary, narration, commercial, explainer videos, corporate, educational, elearning, tours, overviews, children's audiobooks, apps, introductions, phone messaging/greetings, podcasts, web media