Moichi Saito

Moichi Saito

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"I have been a full-time voice actor for 40 years.      "

I am very happy that you are interested.
My voice has been broadcast on TV and radio in Japan for more than 35 years and my voice is familiar to people of all ages.
I have narrated more than 7,000 Japanese corporate video packages. And the number is still growing. My artistic career, including my acting career, has now reached more than 40 years.
I narrated the entire series of the 2002 'Peabody Award' winning Fuji TV (NewsJapan).
I have narrated audio guides for
”Tokyo National Museum”
”The National Museum of Western Art”
”The National Museum of Nature and Science”
”The National Art Center Tokyo”
”Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art”
”MOA Museum of ART”
I have been employed for permanent exhibitions as well as special exhibitions, and I have recorded more guides than any other narrator in Japan.
My recent work as a TV programme narrator includes World Wonder Discovery! These are the representative works that viewers have become familiar with.
My voice has been appreciated by many people, who say that Moichi's voice is familiar to people of all ages, that it sounds natural and easy to listen to, and that they don't get tired even after listening to it for a long time.
Thank you very much.


Studied dialogue and acting under Norio Deguchi, organiser of the Shakespeare Theatre, the only theatre in Japan to have staged all 37 Shakespeare plays.
Studied specialist broadcast narration and dubbing techniques at the Japan Actors' Co-operative Union and Haikyo.
Completed special lectures specialising in narration at Sigma Seven, Japan's first company specialising in narration, given by Daisuke Maki, Hiroshi Takeda, Hitoshi Kubota and Issei Masamune , which only a few people could attend.


I have collaborated with many TV programme and commercial directors and producers and continue to produce excellent work.
My voice has been adopted by many museums, including the National Museum of Fine Arts in Japan, for their audio guides, more than any other museum in Japan.
The number of corporate video packages I have narrated is more than 7,000.
Currently, I am a regular narrator for the Japanese TV programme World Mystery Discovery, which has been on air for more than 40 years. and have been a regular narrator for 30 years.
To date, there is no area of voice-over work that I have not experienced.


'Time-syncing' and 'lip-syncing' of narration.