Michelle Leon

Michelle Leon

Membro à 9 anos
"Resonant, Educated, Soothing, Young & Upbeat, characters"

Resonant and educated; soothing and trustworthy for technology and medical spots.

Sultry and playful for audiobooks and and commercials.

Vast character work for animation.

Absolutely bilingual for any occasion.

Warm & Friendly
Young & upbeat
Girl next door
Young mother to old, scraggly witch

A full range of characters for comedic spots


Theatre Performance - Virginia Commonwealth University

Voiceover - VO2gogo Pro Emeritus - David H. Lawrence XVII, MJ Lallo

Acting - Michelle Lonsdale-Smith, Russell Sams, Gary Hopper, Steve J. Earle.

Improvisation - Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB,) Comedy Sportz


Albeit unknowingly, I was bred to do voiceover work. As a little girl growing up in Caracas, Venezuela my dear mother would ask me to read her my schoolwork in all the different dialects I had acquired (I suppose in an effort to keep my attention on my studies)
I became obsessed with learning new voices and building characters; honing my skills as an improviser and a performer.

During high school and university, I performed in several musicals and went as far as writing and recording my own original work.

I then took my vast portfolio of characters with me on tour with the Richmond Shakespeare Festival and then to Lions Den Studios in Richmond, VA where I recorded several audio books under the careful direction of Darryl Cheek. During my tenure there as a grateful VoiceOver Actor, I wrote, produced and performed several Spanish radio spots for my own real estate business. At that time, I was also the news anchor for a local Spanish television station in Richmond, VA.

Most recently, I have two audiobooks available for sale in the Audible marketplace and have recorded several episodes on the animated series Mr. Pickles on Adult Swim.