Michael Onslow

Membro à 2 anos
"A warm, lively, engaging voice with depth and sincerity."

If you want warm, lively and engaging Michael will bring depth and sincerity to your V/O.  And with 30 years experience ranging from dystopian video games to over 50 BBC Radio Dramas, Michael can bring any script alive. Great accents, wide range and an ability to create memorable characters, whether you want smooth v/o, Voice of God, or a distinctive character.


Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.


30 years of experience from Shakespeare to 'Shock and Awe'! Most recently Ubisoft's 'Watch Dogs Legion' game


Excellent ear for accents with huge versatility and an ability to create a wide range of characters and voices. Can sing to a high standard (Vocal range is Bass/Baritone).