Michael Lane

Michael Lane

Membro à 8 anos
"Energy, Passion, Compassion, Sincerity and Humor"

Voiceovers with wide range. From low-key, snarky or sarcastic to friendly next-door neighbor and voice-of-reason deliveries, all the way through to high-energy-jumping-out-of-the-TV. Custom demos (up to 30 seconds) available upon request.


Vocal music studies and theatre in university. 30 years of experience in radio, TV (on camera). 7 years as Radio Production Director. 3 years as full-time voice actor.


Radio DJ (from 1979 through today). Various formats include Top 40, Country, AC Talk Radio and Active Rock. Winner of Georgia Association of Broadcasters' "Radio Commercial of the Year" from 2007-2011. Lots of EU and UK experience; many E-Learning and ESL module experiences as well. Clients include General Electric, Boeing, The European Union Internet Congress, Bristol-Myers/Squibb. Narrator of 3 fiction audiobook titles, several non-fiction training modules. Massive telephone messaging experience (on-hold, messaging, marketing, etc.)