Michael Klein

Michael Klein

Membro à 5 anos •
"Intimacy through humor with an edge."

My enunciation is close to perfect and the voice itself is very unique -- it's gruff, but it's also a bit comical and intense as well. One person once described it as listening to gasoline running through gravel. I wouldn't go that far-- but it's close.


Joan Bogden; Stella Adler Studio w/Bruce Kronenberg.


I'm just getting back to the field after a 15-year hiatus in which the industry has changed completely. I was signed with J. Michael Bloom and freelanced with William Morris but didn't book anything because I didn't stay in the field long enough. They did send me out, though!


I sing; used to compose; I've written four books of poetry and two books of non-fiction. Also teach writing on the undergraduate and graduate levels.