Maxwell Korn

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"Warm; Trustworthy; Precise; with the Versatility of a Chameleon."

My voice default is a Young Adult, Male, Tenor voice, but I have access to baritone timbres as well. I adjust the tone/feel of my read based on what I think the copy needs, but I love collaborating with clients, and using the versatility of my voice to help them really *elevate* their copy. I'm also an improviser and writer, and I love inserting my sense of humor into things whenever possible!

I look forward to working with you!


I've trained for 3+ years with VO teachers in New York City. (Marla Kirban; Anna Garduno, Andy Roth, and Doriane Elliott to name a few).

I have a BFA in Musical Theater, and 6+ years of voice lessons (I'm an excellent singer) which gives me lots of vocal control/stamina.

I continually take classes to improve my skills, but I get most of my education from the jobs I book! :)


I have recorded many explainers, web videos, and commercials for private companies (the majority of my bookings), but my crowning achievements are an anti-marijuana-smoking-and-driving spot for The Ad Council, and a rock-n-roll themed Mene jewelry commercial which aired on Spotify!


I am an expert singer/vocalist and can sing a variety of musical styles.

For my VOs, I edit my own takes with a variety of subtle post-processing, and I cut out the lip-smacks (and any other noise pollution) so that you get crisp, clean sound.