Matt Goodson

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"A warm, friendly, a versatile voice for any job"
Matt Goodson

Matt is a long-standing Atlanta, GA-based performer who has given his efforts on stage for the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, The Candybox Review Burlesque Troupe, The Strand Theater, and many other groups. He's been performing in one capacity or another since he was 3, and has been good at it since he was 10. He offers a versatile range of voices and prides himself on being easy to direct. For corporate and/or more informational narration, Matt provides a friendly, approachable voice that will show off your product, company, or subject matter in whatever light you'd choose. For more character-based work, if you want a lovable, bumbling teen sidekick, or a mysterious and sinister wizard, the major character that tragically dies during the third act complication, or anything in between, Matt will be ecstatic to help you bring your project to life.


o YourACT Studios; Oct. 2013 – Dec. 2014; coached by Della Cole (Agent, actor [stage and TV]) and Matt Steel (audio engineer and musician)
- Trained in narration and commercial VO

o Deborah Richards Studios; May 2017 – Dec. 2017; coached by Deborah Richards (Radio personality and audio editor)
- Trained in narration, commercial, e-learning, character VO. Trained in audio editing

o The Neighborhood Studios; Jul. 2018 – Present; coached by Bob Carter (Street Fighter, Full Metal Alchemist, Mortal Kombat)
- Ongoing coaching in Narration, Commercial, Animation, Live Announcing, Podcasting, corporate, e-learning

o The VO Lounge; Jan. 2019 to Present; coached by Keythe Farley (Final Fantasy 15, Rugrats, Mass Effect)
- Ongoing coaching in Animation and other character-based voice performances.


Singing since 1987

Corporate, Commercial, e-learning VO since 2014

Audio drama performances starting in 2015

First audiobook narrated produced in 2018 ("Xenotech Rising" by Dave Schroeder)


singing; impressions; live and studio-recorded audio drama; audio editing; audio drama adaptations