Matthew Gallagher

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"A Casual Voice; A Versatile Style"
Matthew Gallagher

I'm a Full-Time, professional Voice Actor whose vocal range spans multiple genres.
If you're searching for a voice that's Trustworthy and Genuine. One that's Receptive, Engaging, Casual, and Concise. Then seek no more, I'm the guy next door!
Whether I'm recording for a Commercial, IVR, or Animation, I find the detailed character background that will bring fullness to your script, providing a personal touch to bring your brand and your content to life, and leave a lasting impression!

I'm also well-versed in Character Work, ranging from wise guy to shy guy, and everything in between.
I approach every project with a intention, support, and dedication to create a worry-free experience for you, your team, and your organization.

Let me know what I can do for you.


Coaches / Directors:
Richard Horvitz
David Rosenthal
Melissa Moats
Brent Mukai
Also, countless courses at TVAS (The Voice Actors Studio)


I graduated from UNLV with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drawing and Painting.
I learned a lot of discipline as an art student and I became very familiar with meeting deadlines.

I find all forms of art interesting be it music, performance, or visual art, but I've always been particularly drawn to Animation. I enjoy Motion Capture, Traditional (key frame animation), 2D, 3D, you name it!
Honestly, it has inspired me as a voice actor and I approach everything like it's character work by giving relevance to every read, and treating everything like a story that is being told.
I've studied Motion Capture Performance with T.J. Storm and I'm looking forward to learning more about it from T.J. and the rest of Mind's Eye Tribe.

I have 7 years of experience in the legal industry, where I've had the opportunity to hear many people's stories, and have come to know the importance of understanding and communicating to one's needs.

I have provided IVR for AI Foundation and many of their clients, including learning modules, telephone systems, and voice modeling.
I've voiced for multiple cell phone apps and games, and I provided character voices for escape rooms in Houston, and in Paris.
Recently, in addition to many podcast intros, I featured as the Voice Actor and in-front of camera actor for Avenue West Las Vegas.

I continue to work on my knowledge of the Voice Over Industry, and my ability to serve, in order to better help connect you with your audience.


Audio Editing (Audacity, Izotope)
Voice Acting