Mathew Pietri

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"Warm, casual, friendly and professional!"

Whether you need a voice that puts your audience at ease with warmth and friendliness, a stern and authoritative voice that will command their attention, or simply a dynamic and energetic voice that will captivate them...I employ a range that allows me to be flexible and provide exactly the right fit for your production. Hand in hand with this, I work in a fully treated sound booth and wield all of the necessary mastering skills needed via Adobe Audition so that I can help you produce the highest quality audio possible for the project.


I've worked hard and learned much under the tutelage of Tia Marlier and the Denver Center for Performing Arts.


I've had the privilege of being a voice for such organizations as Colorado State University, Harris Technologies, Jefferson County (Colorado) Department of Economic Development, Beyond Campus Innovations, Math Revolution, N'Gale Mobile App, and others. I've even had experience narrating audiobooks for Audible.


I can craft original music and soundbeds for a variety of different types of projects.