Mary Catherine Jones

Membro à 5 anos •
"Reliability has a voice: Warm, Educated, Poised & Reassuring."
Mary Catherine Jones

I LOVE eLearning and Corporate Training. I grew up in Washington, DC, giving me a neutral mid-Atlantic educated affect in my regular speaking voice that flows naturally into any project I am working on. I graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in psychology – so I know how to articulate the unspoken message inherent in the scripts I receive. I am a professional member of the World Voices Organization, use Pro Tools and iZotope for recording, editing and mp3 delivery and work in my custom built recording studio 365 days of the year (unless I’m needed on site for a project. Yes, I do travel.)


I've been paid to speak for 25 years - the last 7 of which were for my own VO business. I began as a sales director for a publishing company, making presentations across the country, did volunteer work for 15+ years in the literacy field, and took the plunge into full time VO in 2009. My training includes 25 years of choral singing, many years of community theater and 2 years training and working for Such-A-Voice training company.


I am so proud to have done corporate narration work for national companies like Eli Lilly, Ralph Lauren, Spalding and more as well as for local (to me) companies like Cabot Cheese and Middlebury Interactive Learning.


With a minor in English from Vassar College, I am always available to make on the fly suggestions for awkward copy and can also give non-native American-English copy a fresh take. I can deliver editing post production services as well. And I am happy to sing!