Marcela Saiffe

Marcela Saiffe

Membro à 6 anos
"Over 25 years of experience in Advertising, Radio and IVRs"

Born in Mexico, Now Living in the UK.
I started recording for the industry since my childhood and I developed both my passion and my talent, learning everything I could from Old School proffesionals and modern voice coaches.
I have worked extensively on the Advertising industry, also as a creative and producer, so I can talk the talk and understand the needs for almost every text, but still I'm used to follow direction for any particular purpose.
My voice is very versatile, and I developed my ear in order to imitate for dubbing, or creating a character using different voice techniques, tones, use of air, etc,
When it comes to telephony systems, I developed a style that helps the flow by being agile, and not intending to sound slow or sexy, since it can waste a lot of time for IVR users. Instead, I use a special tone that helps the users memorize their options, and a speed that is just spot on to communicate without being boring or unclear.

My spanish can sound as regional or as neutral as you direct, but I'm a specialist in the so called "Latinamerican Neutral" accent.

My english still has a tad of a foreign accent, but I'm training daily to improve my british accent and cadence. I'm good at american english cadence, yet I still consider to have a foreign accent. Something that perhaps can suit your purposes, but to be honest, if you need plain, authentic American or British accent, I'm still not there. As a professional, I prefer to be transparent about it.


I took several voice over courses, some in local schools, some with international voice coaches.
I keep updated with seminars when they come up, and I train daily for at least 15 minutes in all the vocal techniques I have learned.
My voice can sound as youthful or as aged as needed be.


Probably too many brands to list here most of them Mexican and regional, but let's mention a few of the global:
Pepsico, Coca-Cola (on different years and for different markets)
LÓreal, Procter & Gamble.

I dubbed for a dozen movies after I moved to Mexico City and waited for the dubbign mafias to open a door, and Could have stayed and do more, but then it came the time to switch countries.
I had several Radio Shows, Including local versions of the Coca Cola World Chart Show.
Have been off-voice for a few TV shows.


I love creating characters voices, imitating when needed, and experimenting pursuing new sounds.
As I wrote above, I developed a style for telephone systems that has been praised by my customers and their customers.
I can do post, but it depends on the customer deadlines and my personal life schedule.