Lauri Jo Daniels

Membro à 5 anos •
"Youthful, Upbeat, Down-to-Earth, and Sassy"
Lauri Jo Daniels

My voice is most often described as youthful, fun, feminine, upbeat, sassy, cheerful, warm, and sweet. I can also be whiney, squeaky, raspy, soothing, elegant, professional, authoritative, motherly, snarky, and much more.

My natural dialect is general American. I grew up in northeastern Oklahoma and then spent 14 years of my adult life in New England which neutralized my dialect, but has also helped me to easily pick up various dialects. I can perform with country twang or southern drawl, as well as a clipped New England sound or even a slight Boston or New York City accent. I can also do a slight general British or Scottish accent if called for in dialogue, but would not pass as a native by any stretch.


Voice Over Private Coaching Dan Friedman, Edge Studio
Voice Over Private Coaching Nazia Chaudhry, Edge Studio
Voice Over Group Classes Various Instructors, Edge Studio
Character Voice Workshop Rachel Messer
Character Voice Coaching Brad Venable
Audiobook Technique Class Steven Jay Cohen
Commercial Technique Class Roy B. Yokelson


Audible: Non-fiction: Anxiety by Katelyn Williams
Fiction: Saddles and Spells by M.R. Polish (due for release Fall 2

SpokenLayer: Narration for Spoken Edition podcasts - currently reading for Forbes, Slate, Skift, and other various assignments


Editing /mastering of the recording (no sound effects)
Writing Copy
Graphic Design