Larry Bailey

Larry Bailey

Membro à 10 anos •
"Casual, Fun, Warm, Informative, Honest, Friendly, Conversational"


Whether it be the quality of the audio itself, my performance, the editing and delivery, or the communication between you and I, rest assured, you will receive a quality voice over service. This begins at the moment of our initial interaction and will continue through to the delivery of the finished audio, and beyond. My years in the United States Navy and in the corporate world as a Sales Representative, taught me that there is absolutely no substitute for genuine attention to detail and committed customer service. These two core values have formed the cornerstone of my voice over career for the past 10 years and the results speak for themselves.


Many amazing clients have told me I'm highly directable, which I owe in part to my love and study of improv. I thrive in live studio sessions over ISDN, Source Connect or Phone Patch. As a voice talent, for now over a decade, I've been blessed to find true fulfillment in the satisfaction of my customers. Or to put it another way, it makes me happy when you're happy. Some current and past clients include Coca-Cola, Google, Nintendo, Hewlett Packard, VISA, Jeep, Jimmy Johns, Philips, Insperity, Avaya, Hydravision, Merck, Bally, Texas A&M, Virginia Lottery and many more.


For many of the projects I book, I'm cast as a 'John Krazinski' type voice. Someone who can deliver information to the listener in a way that sounds honest, unobtrusive and casual. I'm not the movie trailer guy or a seven foot tall bearded actor with an epic set of pipes. So if that's what you're looking for, I'm afraid I can't help you. What I can provide though is a voice that sounds like your buddy at work, or your brother, or even your dad, depending on how old you are. My voice is friendly, honest, fun, laid back, casual, positive, welcoming and happy and I'd like to believe I'm like that in person too.


Voice Acting & Announcing - Jim Conlan, Houston, TX
Voiceover Technique/Coaching - Nancy Wolfson, Los Angeles, CA
Voice Acting & Dubbing/ADR - John Swasey, Houston, TX
Private Coach, Acting/Voiceover - Ron Jackson, Houston, TX
Voiceover Training & Mentoring for Pros - Edge Studio, New York, NY
Talking Funny for Money, Workshop - Pamela Lewis, New York, NY
Lone Star Actors Studio - Eleese Lester, Houston, TX


Larry Bailey has carved out a niche in the voice acting industry with his authentic guy-next-door persona and polished commercial sound. His fresh, fun delivery makes him relatable, easy to connect with and compelling to listen to. With a cool attitude and hint of swagger, his laid-back conversational style instantly perks up the ears of Gen X and Gen Y audiences everywhere.

Larry is represented by multiple talent agencies both nationally and internationally and has been a guest speaker at various voice acting seminars. He performs voice overs for radio and TV advertisements, online explainer videos, cartoons and video games.

With the ability to do countless impersonations and impressions, Larry has a very wide range of characters in his repertoire. But most notable is his talent for getting inside of the mind and heart of any role in order to seamlessly embody any particular identity. He often uses his own personal experiences as a reference point to create each character, so that the audience will feel the truth behind his acting. Young or old, high or low, sorrowful or upbeat, serious or zany – regardless of what is needed, Larry is able to assimilate any distinct combination into the unique and perfect personality for any project.

Larry puts his whole heart into acting and strives to produce only the highest quality work. His greatest reward is when a client tells him that he “blew their mind,” or he was able to create that perfect connection with the intended audience. Most of all, he loves that he is able to use his talents to help others succeed.


Sennheiser 416, RODE NT2A, CAD e100S
Source Connect Pro
Sound Booth
Adobe Audition 6, Adobe Audition 5.5
Focusrite Saffire 6 Interface
Mackie Mixer