Lakita Phillips-Brown

Membro à 4 anos •
"Accented Tongue"
Lakita Phillips-Brown

I can do a variety of different accents. I have had the awful gift of being able to mock people and their accents. I have been doing this since childhood when I had a girl from Brooklyn, NY as a roommate while at a computer camp at Virginia State University. I also love to act. I wrote my first play when I was 12 years old. I won 2nd place for the Oratorical Declamation Contest when I was 10 for reciting "Backlash Blues" by Langston Hughes. I've played an old woman during phone conversations and no one knew the difference. I, also, have my "business" voice when I talk to people on the phone and my "at home" voice that I use with people I'm most comfortable with. Bottom line, my acting skills along with this voice has been a part of me for quite some time. I love to read to children especially as a substitute teacher. I always showcase my accents in each story that I read. The students love it when I am there because they know it will be quite entertaining plus it helps me practice. My demos showcase the tip of the iceberg. I am able to do much more and up for the challenge. Thank you in advance.


I was trained by the associates at With their assistance, they have shown me how to hone in on my current skills and translate it to a commercial or narrative voice over by the directives they gave me.


I am currently learning upgrade my exposure of artistic skills and work to get paid doing. So I haven't "officially" worked with any companies. But I understand the dynamics of working in a studio due to my experience in laying down tracks.


I can write lyrics and sing.