Kyra Wedell

Membro à 3 anos •
"Conversational, warm, friendly, girl-next-door, hip, millennial"
Kyra Wedell

A voice people want to listen to; friendly / natural to sexy / mysterious. Kyra will find the best sound for your voiceover need. A professional actor for decades, Kyra knows how to tell a story and communicate emotion through sound.

Adorkable, Animated, Casual, Friendly, Believable, Professional, Confident, Articulate, Inspirational, Genuine, Engaging, Informative, Conversational, Warm, Friendly, Girl-next-door, Hip, Energetic, Funny, Real, Millennial, Smooth, Sultry, Mysterious, Sexy for voice over need for any Educational, Business, Internet, Podcasting, Telephone, Television, Radio purpose.


Stephens College BFA Theatre and Music
Private Voice Lessons- Tim Kennedy, Bob Downard


You at College, Grit Digital Health
Hotel Colorado, Creative Dimensions
AAA-Assistance is Forever, Amelie Company
Stevinson Auto-Confessions, Superlounge Director: Jordan Brady
New Belgium Brewery-Behind Every Ranger, FuturisticFilms Director: Jasper Gray
TGIF's-Jump Burger, Made Movement


Can sing or write copy.