kevin dewey

Membro à 2 anos
"I'm the friend you like having. Easy, Smiling, and Intelligent."

I can do announcer spots that aren't announcery. For one thing, I don't have a deep announcer's voice. For another, I'm an actor. And for another, I like to talk like a person. One producer said he liked to hire me for corporate scripts because I sounded like I didn't have a job. But I can also sound like I have a job. Without sounding like the job is being an announcer.


My voice-over skills have been honed over thousands of jobs. I've been a voice-over professional since I was a teenager. I also trained in acting at the Juilliard School and have worked on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-Off Broadway. I also have some stand-up comedy experience, and I used to play recurring characters on Letterman.


I was Peanut M&M for many years. I narrated the PBS show Ghostwriter. I was the voice of Tresseme for four years. I've done years of Best Buy radio spots. In the 90's you could hear my voice, talking far too enthusiastically about various toys, on just about every commercial break on Nickleodeon. One Producer called me "Screaming Toy Boy." I still use that youth thing on cereal commercials, though these days I smile instead of scream. I was the voice of several cellular companies that were all really the same cellular company. One of them was called Dobson Cellular. I've sung folk songs for Gold N' Plump chicken. I've done spots for Hershey's and Trojans and John Deere and McDonalds and Dr. Pepper and Coors and the YMCA and basically most products that exist. I was the voice of the X-Games for a bit. And the voice of HBO Family. I did radio commericals for albums by Sony for a while: The Indigo Girls, Harry Connick Jr., The Presidents of the United States of America, and Primitive Radio Gods are artists that come to mind, but there were others. I have a lot of experience in this field.


Only talking. Maybe being funny.