Keith Higinbotham

Membro à 2 anos
"Friendly and personable with a great range of characters!"
Keith Higinbotham

I've been working as a theatre/screen actor for eleven years and have developed a range of skills!

You can hear from my commercial reel that I have a friendly and personable voice that ranges from 30-40 years old. I'm also able to adapt to any brief with great comedic timing, if required! I have also had experience of recording corporate vo alongside animation with great success, too!

You'll hear from my gaming reel that I have a great range of characters (with many more waiting in the wings) and strong acting skills. Using these skills, I have recorded audiobooks with a eclectic mix of characters, making them sound more like an audio play than "just a book". You can find me on audible already!

I have a strong interest in the video game industry and have had experience with motion capture and performance capture. My acting skills and range of characters would lend itself well to indie developments and triple A games alike. You can find my mocap reel here if you're interested:

That's me in a nutshell! I look forward to working with you.


Rose Bruford Drama School (3 year BA)
The Mocap Academy
Gravy for the Brain


You can find me on Audible already! I've also worked for Co-Operative and RMI media with great success.


Great range of accents and characters. Home studio with an understanding of post-production editing.