Katie Mayer

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"Instantly relatable. Effortlessly approachable."
Katie Mayer

Katie provides female English voiceovers for commercials, explainers, corporate videos, telephony, virtual tours, and more. All from her broadcast-quality, personal studio.

What others are saying about Katie's voice:
★ "Effortlessly approachable."
★ "Instantly relatable."
★ "Confident."
★ "Irresistible personality."
★ "Optimistic, peppy, believable."

Check out her demos for signature tones and voices, including:
★ GRITTY and DETERMINED when you want to bring the drama.
★ CONVERSATIONAL and FRIENDLY when you're looking for genuine connection.
★ SEXY and PLAYFUL when you're after a light-hearted, romantic wink, wink.
★ PERKY and UPBEAT when you need the All-American, girl-next-door sound.
★ LUXURIOUS and WARM when you're after the modern, high-end sale.
★ PROFESSIONAL and KNOWLEDGABLE when you need to convey trust and knowledge.
★ ANIMATED and FUNNY when you're ready to have some fun! Excellent comedic timing.
★ SINCERE and REAL for when you need a pure reaction or testimony.


*Private coaching with: David Goldberg, Bob Michaels.

*Various VO classes and workshops with: Bob Michaels, David Goldberg, Cliff Zellman, Tom Dheere, Katie Leigh, Amy Snively, and Roy Yokelson.

*Active member of The Dallas Voice Acting Meetup Group.

*Attends Faff Camp: a peer conference for professional voiceover talents.

*Ongoing acting and voice over training.


Projects with happy clients include:
Papa John's
Della Rice


Katie delivers professionally edited and de-breathed tracks. Audio can also be delivered sweetened and ready to drop into your file!