Kathy Curtis

Kathy Curtis

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"Smooth, sexy, natural, conversational, believable, sweet, flirty"

My voice has been described as soft, soothing, business like, professional, corporate, natural, girl next door, sultry, believable, gentle, smooth, rich, clean, mellow, relaxed, sweet, flirty, non-announcer, calm, inspirational, happy, emotional, heartfelt, confident, upbeat and funny.


Trained with award winning voice coach Marc Cashman, Debbie Munro and Kevin Delany.


I have voice for radio and television, corporate videos and websites. Some of my clients include: Purina One, Jaguar, Mercedes, Bombardier C Series Aircraft, Trushield Security Solutions, Gemvara.com, Quick Recovery.com, SVF Insurance, SaveAround.com, Datvibe, AMRSeven.us, Red Key Computers Repair, and many more.


I can read in a Southern Belle accent and I do a mean wicked witch!

I also offer advance copy writing for radio.