Jolandi Du Preez

Jolandi Du Preez

Membro à 9 anos
"Versitile Afrikaans and English VO"

I am a professional gaming and commercial voice-over artist with 4 years of training and professional experience. My unique accent has contributed a mysterious and exotic twist to 12 video games so far this year.

I have my own professional studio and have been studying the craft with the LA-based voice coach and casting director Donna Grillo and the world renowned instructor Nancy Wolfson.

My voice has been described as Sophisticated, Warm, Sultry, Classy, Melodic, Girly, Cheerful, Articulate, Clear, Conversational and Authoritative with a South-African accent, influenced by Canadian English.


Personal Coaching: Donna Grillo, Nancy Wolfson, Bill De Wees, Jordan Wiberg
Training Classes: "On the Mic", "Such a Voice", Edge Studios
Workshops: Commercial and Animation (Noel Johansen ande Lee Tockar)


Apple, Elephant Games, Trion Games, World Wildlife Fund, United Nations, UNESCO, Lexus, Expedia, Netcare, Sotheby's international.


Singing, Post Production