John Pucci

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"I have a warm, expressive sound. My voice is an invitation."

I speak five languages fluently (English, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese). I am able to do great Voice Overs in each language. I also do authentic accents in English. This is something that really separates me from other Voice Over actors. I capture the sound and the cadence of how a French person, for example, speaks in English. Or an Italian. Or a Spaniard. Or a Brazilian, or a Brit, Irishman, Australian, South African...I think you get the idea. Accents in English are one of my specialties. Finally, I am a natural communicator. It is partly my actor training, and partly just who I am. My voice is engaging. No matter how dry the copy (or script), I am able to draw my listeners in. I make even the most challenging content interesting and accessible.


My first training as a Voice Over actor was through auditioning for VO jobs and booking work as a young actor. I then decided that I wanted to refine my skills and so I trained personally with Peter Rofé, the founder of PDR Voice Coaching, one of the most highly rated and recognized schools in NYC. And then, of course, the training never ends. I am always learning and refining my skills as I book jobs and continue to work with clients.


I have done jobs for Hasbro, HBO, Verizon, Scott's Paper Towel, Tussock Jumper Wines, Alca Studio, Precise LED, Moving Vision, UCTheater Productions, and WineForces, to name a few. I have voiced historical figures in documentaries like "Marcuse in Paradise", done radio plays and performed live for WNYC (New York City's version of the BBC) at the Green Space. I have done medical infomercials, recorded voices for wine apps as well as industrials for pharmaceutical products. I have helped clients create audio files for paintings they are selling on-line. I have recorded the pre-show announcement for theaters, and worked with clients on language-learning projects. I have recorded voices for video games and product videos,


I am a singer (Baritone) as well as an actor, and have sung on stage numerous times. I am available to record songs and commercials as well.