John Huynh

Membro à 4 anos
"Young male with a warm, deep, energetic, resonant voice."

Warm, Deep, Resonant, Relaxed, Friendly, Conversational, Encouraging, Whisper, Authoritative, Professional, Bright, Smart, Techy, Announcer, Promo, Booming, Excited, Smarmy, Flat, Dead, Monotone, Goblin, Nasally, Gravelly, Gritty, Toothy, Grandpa, Bro, Dude, Country, Cowboy, British, Posh, Received Pronunciation, Australian, Russian


I've been training with Voices Carey in Dallas for over a year. Throughout training, we've covered a variety of industry reads, including commercial, explainer, narration, eLearning, audiobook, video games and more. Much of Bruce's training is centered around the quintessential actor's choice, to choose a character and commit to it. "That's not an booth, that's a scene. That's not a microphone, that's someone's ear." Choosing who you are, where you are, what you're doing, who are you talking to, and what's your motivation is the work an actor must assume.


Workshops and classes


I can provide basic post-production editing to clean up and finalize audio.