Jim Mantel

Jim Mantel

Membro à 3 anos
"Easy, natural delivery. Excitable and excited when needed."

A Rich voice with an everyman quality with subtle undertones and emotions. 25+ years of commercial work both as producer and talent. I can tell your story or announce it to the world, whisper it to a friend or snidely whisper about someone behind their back. Tell the honest truth from the heart, or a logical perspective from between the ears.


Schools or hard knocks for a lot of years. Recently personal and session coaching with Mary Lynn Wissnerin LA. Also coached with Jeff Finney in Chicago


Walmart/Star Wars tv ads. DAP Dynaflex Ultra. Dow Chemical, Bioness, Lockheed Martin, JD Mellberg, Cedar Fair Amusement, Panasonic, AARP, Lumo Project and many many more.


A wizard at editing