Jhoana Nichols

Jhoana Nichols

Membro à 5 anos •
"Lets talk about creativity"

I grew up in Radio in México, I live in the USA and I have learned to be a global performer. I write, give voice, edit and mix projects but I couldn't do it if it was not because of creativity and an extra feeling. My vice actor friends are great to me and they help me and encourage me too to be better at what I do. I am grateful for all the opportunities I get to give THE voice to brands, people, characters etc. Makes me think of Aron, Moses brother who the Bible mentions as the first Voice over with a high responsibility, to take the people of God out of slavery in a miraculous adventure. The same way, us Voices offer something people cant see but they can feel and enjoy.


I started working in Radio in the internet with my show "Farándula de Charlatanes", then we had another show called "El Botanero de Toledo", it was fun and amateur but we learned to work in radio, writing content, making characters, then I got a job as a copy, then voiceover in a Radio Group Grupo ACIR. I work with them for 8 years traveling around Mexico, teaching people to work on the air, programming and improving their sales with creative commercial campaigns.

Then I kept studying and getting booked for commercials till I met my husband on a vacation in the USA, I fell in love, left family and career to live the love dream that became true. Here in the United States, I have found a new way to make VO business, I am in love with my profession and I have a Radio Show for kids, I also write for other radio and TV shows.

God is Good.


More than 11 years in Radio and in commercial. 9 years working content for business . This year ay started working audiobooks and they are my favorite.


spanish accents, kids and cartoon voices, and I can work fast.