Jason TenEyck

Jason TenEyck

Membro à 5 anos
"The Voice that Makes You Want toListen!!"

I use my 16 + years as a trainer and facilitator for companies that were contracted with various branches of the military, in a variety of countries, topped off with many years in the transportation industry to deliver a strong, yet convincing, as well as inviting message. I add to that my natural born "gift of gab", which has earned me the reputation of being an excellent storyteller, to keep your audience engaged. I have learned through many years of a public speaker both as an instructor, as well as motivational speaker, that an engaged audience is a "listening audience". I began narrating training films (which I still currently do) for companies I worked for, which opened the door for me to change careers into voiceover. I also volunteer to narrate books for those with sight and learning disabilities, which I also currently do as well. I have done some commercial work as well as some animation ( Soldier voices come natural, given my previous career!). To date, I have been working full-time as a voiceover talent for over 8 years. I have been fortunate enough to build an elite list of exclusive clientele, and have just recently decided to branch out commercially. I am located just outside the NYC Metro Area, basically a 45 min. train ride into the heart of Entertainment Central. Mostly I work from my professional, custom built recording studio, with separate voice booth included. This is not blankets in a closet, or a cardboard box. Before I even decided to build a studio, I enrolled in multiple classes centered around sound treatment and production.

Studio Equipment
Microphones Sennheiser MK 4
Sennheiser MKH 416
Audio Technica - 897
Audio Technica 2020
Focusrite 2i2 Scarlett
Software Adobe Audition
Pro Tools
Ableton Live
Computer Windows 10 32 GB Ram 2016
Remote Session Capability IpDTL SourceConnect Skype
We can "wrap" and deliver your project in any file wrapper you prefer ,, .WAV,,.AIFF,,MP3
We only record in highest sample rates for best quality currently 48k, 24bit, .wav


Voiceover - Edge Studios NYC
Gravy for the Brain
Audio Production - Bobby Oswinski Mixing and Editing
- Internship at 101.5 WPDH Radio (NY)
Voice Training by - Gary Catona

These classes represent only the platform, but certainly not ceiling for my training regiment.


Our list of clients include an exclusive list of elite companies, but some companies we have worked with are such names as:

Maersk Line DVQ Custom Choppers
KBR Layton Trucking
LP Transportation TMC Transportation
Sunoco Mobil / Exxon
Learning Ally Sears Appliance Repair


All demo scripts are 100% Authentic
We write our own scripts
We have our own music library with 100's of songs
We completely record, mix and master all of our own demos.
This is to advertise 100% of our capabilities. We may be fairly new, but we are original.