Jason Bishop

Membro à 3 anos •
"Trust, Confidence, Dependability"

Jason now does what he taught others to do.
A former journalist, he spent decades behind the cameras and microphones coaching others on their writing, reporting, recording and anchoring skills for news broadcasts, entertainment programs, commercials and promos.


Mostly self-taught using client feedback, Jason has a long history of hitting the mark for his clients.
Having written reams of copy during nearly 30-years of television production, Jason "gets it", and can almost always see, hear and feel the point being made.
Jason is highly coachable and has a bit of radio and theatre experience to call upon if needed.


A natural teacher, Jason spends much of his recording time on eLearning but also has a few commercial clients.
Clients include:
Mercedes Benz NA, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Intuit, The Cleveland Clinic, CDM Smith, The World Bank, Nestle-Purina, Coldwell Banker, Columbia University, Grainger, Health Management Systems, PepsiCo, Sentara Healthcare, Baker Hughes/Baker Atlas


Moderate post-production processing available.