Jane Perry

Jane Perry

Membro à 3 anos
"Warm, assured and authoritative."

I am British based North American talent, and have been a voice actor ever since I graduated from theatre school in the late 90's. I got my start dubbing Japanese cartoons into English (Ronan Warriors, Dragon Ball Z) as well as playing Sabrina's Mom in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Since then, I have voiced over 30 computer games, many ads for television, documentaries, corporate videos and e-Learning projects. I am located in London, UK and have my own HOME STUDIO.


I learned my skills from being in "the field" for over 20 years. I owe my success as a voice talent to my training and experience as an actress in film/tv/stage. I am always referring back to acting basics and how I can apply them to make my voice work richer, and more specific.


I've played lead roles in many computer games including Diana Burnwood in Hitman, M.U.M. in Grey Goo, Karen Bowman in Tom Clancy's Wildlands, and many more. I've also voiced ads for Dove, Becel, Estee Lauder, the Marine Stewardship Council. Corporate work includes Alibaba, BMO, Allergan, Roche Graduate, as well as a number of spots and radio plays for the BBC and the CBC.


I can work in a North American, Mid-Atlantic or British Accent (RP), and am proficient in ADR and Dubbing.