James Thompson

Membro à 2 anos •
"Warm, neighborly, authentic, believable, and versatile"

I have a unique voice. I'm very good at sounding natural and conversational while reading. I sound friendly and inviting for telephony applications. I sound authoritative and knowledgeable for eLearning and documentaries. I sound believable and neighborly for commercials. I love playing animation characters. I can do a wide range of characters with personality and nuance, moods and emotions. I am very directable and I can self-direct as well. I have a formidable home recording studio with which I create beautiful broadcast quality recordings. I am very good at editing raw audio so it's ready for production when your receive it.


Such a Voice and decades of stage performance and studio work


Substitute Teacher Service


I have done quite a lot of songwriting, recording, audio mixing and video editing for many decades.