James Ducker

Membro à 2 anos
"Smokey, smooth and a lot of fun"

I have great depth to push my voice out given me a quite unique edge. I experiment with tonality to improve my range.

When recording, I go by the power of three. Give it my all on the first run, tweaks and then finally a run with something slightly different. My vocal quality and span ranges gives a wide scope for the necessary sound.

That's not to rule out my natural speaking voice which is warm and calming.


University trained with a degree in Drama where we worked on various forms of acting, many of which were experimental as well as providing voices for technical projects for multiple year groups.

I also trained with The Actor's Class wherein we studied acting techniques and styles including masterclasses of voice work.


So far, I have experience in mainly animation but also provided Narration as 'Voice-over Guy' for pantomime Puss in Boots.


Singing to a moderate standard. Impressionist.