Jacob Ekström

Jacob Ekström

Membro à 2 décadas •
"True native Danish voice-overs in a friendly, NATURAL voice."

"Jacob's voice will make the audience listen..."

There are voice-overs... and there are “natural” voice-overs. I’m the voice the audience will be comfortable with, because I could be the guy next door. Someone they know, someone they trust, someone they like.

I specialize in narration for corporate presentations and E-learning. I don't just read your script like it was todays headlines, I care about your message as if I was a true representant of your organization, or a colleague who wants to share my knowledge with my co-workers.

I also specialize in commercial reads with a natural flow and feel. Or commercials with a character.

Case examples:

When "Bilka", one of Denmark's largest chains of department stores, needed a voice impersonating a happy pig on a flying carpet, they chose me.

When Logitech needed a Danish voice for their online "unboxing" product presentations, they chose me.

When Microsoft needed a Danish voice for their online educational "SimpleShows", they chose me.

When Norwegian Airlines changed their "Safety onboard briefing" to a multi-language video presentation, they chose me for the Danish version.

Need it fast? I am a full-time voice artist, serving clients all over the world every day from my fully-featured recording studio, complete with dedicated voice booth. If you want to record locally I will travel to any designated studio in the world. I've done sessions in London on a regular basis.

I can do Source-Connect sessions (rock-steady 100/100 Fiber-Optic connection available), ISDN-sessions (via bridging services - fees apply) and can be directed via Skype and phone patch.


My voice-overs are, unless specifically requested otherwise, always delivered completely dry and free from any kind of processing like compression, EQ and noise reduction, in the format of your choice. This ensures you have full control on how they should sound on your final production.


In my 15 years as a professional voice over talent, I have done:
- Commercials and promos for radio & TV
- E-learning/Educational videos for corporate training
- Corporate and product presentations
- IVR/On-hold
- Dubbing for TV-commercials
- Dubbing/Narration for films
- Narration for TV-documentaries
- Movie trailers
- Infomercials for home shopping networks
- Radio Imaging
- Instructions for interactive playgrounds
- Safety Announcements for airlines

representing companies and organizations like:
SAI Global, Qatar Airways, Codan Insurance, Dreamworks, Synology, European Recycling Platform, Marty Stoufer's "Wild America", Danish Road Safety Council, Expedia Travel, Coca-Cola, ABUS, Jabra, Microsoft, Tyco International, Kanal 2, TV-Shop, MedXplore, Novartis, Logitech, iAudioGuide, BASF Chemicals, Volvo, John Deere, Norwegian Airlines... and many more.

Here's what a few of my clients are saying:

thank you for your effort, the client was extremely pleased with your delivey.
Thank you very much, look forward to work with you again."

- Leif M. Synnevaag, VoiceBox Productions


you are always first choice for me when it comes to Danish, you are the best!"

- David García González, GoLocalise


"Thanks for the nice cooperation and your quick and professional service!"

- Marjolijn Stokkink, PuurAudio


"Thank you for the really flexible response, the Danish version went down really well, really easy for the video editor to work with."

- Damien Lee, Energy Communications


"Thank you Jacob for your collaboration and great professionalism we appreciated once again."

- Julia Bidault, Locali