Jack de Golia

Jack de Golia

Membro à 7 anos •

Want depth? Warmth? Humor? Character voice? Acting skill? Want a voice talent who’s easy and fast to work with? Jack will give you winning, ahead-of-schedule reads of ads, audiobooks, elearning, audio tours, cartoons and video games. 

Jack is the “Voice of Character,” with a stage-acting career spanning four decades. He brings a seasoned and always fresh approach to voice work. It's been said he has the voice of "every man's man." A veteran of radio broadcasting and a long-time career as a spokesman before microphone and camera, Jack has the voice of comfort, and is the reliable teller of the straight story. All this makes him a credible, laid-back storyteller, a skilled narrator, capable of dialects (among them High British, Russian, comedic Spanish), characterizations, wry comedy, and a conversational style. He's your average Joe, trustworthy, friendly, ironic, upbeat--your neighbor.

Jack is an Audible Approved Producer, recognized by Audible.com for his skill and accomplishment in audiobook narration and production. 
 His studio is certified as "Approved" by the World-Voices Organization (WoVO), the international trade association for voice-over.


Bachelor's degree in Dramatic Art, University of California, Davis
Voice-over basics, Alice Whitfield, Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Voice-over advanced, Melissa Moats at The Voice Actors Studio, Henderson, Nevada.
Voice 2012 Voice-over Convention; Vegas Voicers/Voice Actors Studio ongoing workouts; online webinars at several sites; online character-voice & in-person audiobook narration and documentary narration classes with Pat Fraley; Marc Cashman Audiobook Workshop; EWABS/VOBS; WoVO-Con1, WoVOCon2, WoVOCon3; Anne Ganguzza on Social Media Marketing; Dave Fennoy and Andrea Toyias on Video Game Character Acting; Character Voices, Grant & Jessica George


Video Game Clients:
Oliver Eberlei, Hammer Labs (Grooty & Bear in Super Sky Arena)
Tim Doolen, Muse Games (Captain for Guns of Icarus tutorial)
Nicolas Samuel Lietzau, SureAI (Enderal: High Ones, Aged Man, Merchant)
Kelley Bassett, Krash Creative (Knee Deep: Gordon Cordray, a human then a zombie)
Brad Bower, (Crazed Rabbit in Heroes of Newerth, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYv7ugO6Hto)

E-Learning Clients:
Sight & Sound Services, Pat McAbery.
Marathon Petroleum, Joe Brewer
Reify Media, Sarah Glova
Cutter Rig Productions/SBC Global, Doug Picard
Performance Development Group
Digital Ignite (Now YourMemembership.com)
Xperience Detroit, Steve Leslie
eLearningVoices.com, Rick Gordon
E-Lance.com (Various clients)
Dynamic Language, Seattle, Danielle Weatherbee
SweetRush, on voice roster (multiple jobs)
Executive Forum, Gregg Hinnen
Yourmembership.com, Louise Platiel
ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Tim Buteyn

Other Voice Work:
Switch Marketing. Hear the work Jack did for them in both 2010 and 2012 at http://www.ironmountain.com/Knowledge-Center/Reference-Library/View-by-Document-Type/Demonstrations-Videos/Campaigns/Meet-Kevin.aspx
Magic Ink Books, Justin Stockton. Children's book reading (Night Before Christmas app)
Patrick Kirkley, student film maker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGgxPVBV2xY&feature=youtubegdataplayer&fb_source=message
Highlights for Children, Chris Retts (Kids Comedy Club Webpage Proposal) http://jeffmohl.com/demos/highlights/jokes/dev/
Harvest Creative Services, Mark Miller (Metro Lansing YMCA radio ad)
Creative Communication & Design, Stephanie Bresnahan (Marshfield Clinic radio ad)
FG Creative, Tina Arnot (The Living Desert Zoo radio ad)
Vismomedia, Cesar Montoya. (OcuSave internet ad)
Vismomedia, Cesar Montoya. (Visibility internet ad)
The Adato Group, Daisy Adato. (CashCo Pawn Valentine radio ad)
Glacier Medical Associates (corporate video narration)
Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordinating Group (PSAs on wildfire prevention)
SMP Vegas (Health Plan of Nevada radio ad)
Dog & Pony Show (Health Plan of Nevada voice over for TV ad)
Live Announcer, Ty Sante Productions, Rodan & Fields Gala at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, 10/8/16 and 10/7/17
County Commissioner, Cattle Trail Documentary. David Hobbs, P&R Productions, Round Rock, Texas.
Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Holly Dome commercial for Circus Circus, produced by Dog & Pony Show, Nov. 2017

Audiobook Work:

List of Publishers:
Charles River Editors
Post Mortem Press
White Feather Press
Novato Press
Padwolf Publishing
Wayzgoose Press
Straight to Audio Productions
Audible Scripts
Crossroad Press
Player Publications
Glagoslav Publications
BearManor Media
Tri-Swan Press
University Press Audiobooks
Ultisol LLC
Spoken Realms
Blackstone Audio

List of Titles:
Orientation, by Rick R. Reed
Another Nice Mess Raymond Valinoti, Jr. published by BearManor Media (Ben Ohmart)
Obsessed, by Rick R. Reed
Sin, by Zakhar Prilepin
The Bear with Two Shadows, by Roland Yeomans
White Jade by Alex Lukeman
Are But Shadows by M. Howard
The Black Death of Babylon, by Edward J. McFadden III
Red Sky at Morning, by Steve Wilson
Anywhere But Here, by Edward J. McFadden III
The Seventh Pillar, by Alex Lukeman
The Lance, by Alex Lukeman
Fires Rising, by Michael Laimo
Our Dying Land, by Edward J. McFadden III
Skulls and Bones, by Armand Rosamilia
Divine Intervention (a screenplay) by AudibleScripts (two minor roles)
Kokomo’s Cafe, by Armand Rosamilia
Golden Lion Cafe, by Armand Rosamilia
Day of the Moon, by Bill Pronzini and Jeffrey Wallmann
The River (a screenplay) by AudibleScripts (two minor roles)
Trial and Terror by Adam L. Penenberg
Hunter: Warrior of Doridia by Ronald J. Watkins
JandJ Fitness, by Armand Rosamilia
Gazooks!, by Adele Park (one of 9 cast members)
** (Gadzooks was a finalist for the 2015 Audie Award in the Original Works category)
Flagler Fish Company, by Armand Rosamilia
Black Harvest, by Alex Lukeman
The Tesla Secret, by Alex Lukeman
The Nostradamus File, by Alex Lukeman
Alter Ego, by Ronald J. Watkins
Hoaxers, by Edward F. McFadden III
Ajax Protocol, by Alex Lukeman
Assassin’s Breach, by O. Nicholas Cicero
Trauma Junkie #6, Where Angels Fear to Tread, by Tom Hobbs
Nerdz Comics, by Armand Rosamilia
Trauma Junkie #4, Ghosts of Bellvue Past, by Tom Hobbs
Gray Shadows, by Julia Gousseva
Enemy of an Enemy, by Vincent Trigili
The Eye of Shiva, by Alex Lukeman
The Academy, by Vincent Trigili
Robin Williams’ 100 Greatest Jokes, by Anonymous
Seductive Powers, by Rebecca Royce
Change Jar Books, by Armand Rosamilia
Black Rose, by Alex Lukeman
30 Minute Expert Guide to Nir Eyal’s “Hooked," by Novato Press
Mass Capitalism, by Apek Mulay
El Dorado: The Search for the Fabled City of Gold, by Dr. Jesse Harasta & Charles River Editors
A Disturbance in the Church, by David T. Wolf
The Solomon Scroll, by Alex Lukeman
Fairyville and Christmas Poems, Gwenna D’Young
Clump, by S. Redman White
Russian Deception, by Alex Lukeman
Bahama Mama, by Armand Rosamilia
Remembering The Battle of the Crater: War as Murder, by Kevin Levin
Stephen Curry: Rise of the Star, by John Emerson
The Atlantis Stone, by Alex Lukeman
Rise of Shadows, by Vincent Trigili
The Cup, by Alex Lukeman
Resurgence of Ancient Darkness, by Vincent Trigili
Fragile Brilliance, by Eliot Parker
The Tunnels, by Kristie L. Dickinson
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, by Rudyard Kipling
The Peter Rabbit Collection, by Beatrix Potter#
The Sac’a’Rith, by Vincent Trigili
Triple Shot of Vampires, by Tonia Brown
Triple Shot of Triple Shot of Flash Fiction, by Tonia Brown
Triple Shot of Zombies, by Tonia Brown
Triple Shot of Strange, by Tonia Brown
Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll
High Alert, by Alex Lukeman
Dango Durango: The Bounty Hunter Series, Book 1, Dango & Weed Ride Again, by David L. McAdams
Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll#
Ravished by the Triceratops, by Christie Sims & Alara Branwen
Radio, by Kenn Brody
Pa’an & Aura: A Registered Autonomous Intelligence, by Kenn Brody
Solomon’s Gold, by Alex Lukeman
Dirty Deeds, Vol. 1, by Armand Rosamilia**
 (Dirty Deeds, Vol. 1, won AudioFile Magazine’s Earphone Award, March 2018)
Spectra’s Gambit, by Vincent Trigili
The Last of the Plainsmen, by Zane Grey (Spoken Realms)
The Other Side of Everything, by Lauren Doyle Owens (one of 3 narrators; Blackstone Audio)
Phoenix, by Alex Lukeman
Dirty Deeds, Vol. 2, by Armand Rosamilia
A Journal of Ramblings in the High Sierras of California, by Joseph LeConte (Spoken Realms)
Trees of Pride, by G.K. Chesterton (Spoken Realms)*

*In production
**Award winning title
#Produced but no longer displayed at Audible


Special Service:
Jack started a special “eLearning Narrator” page on Facebook to help voice actors and other eLearning professionals meet and share information.
Jack conducts Google Hangouts on the use of the TwistedWave recording and editing app.
Jack writes the “show logs” for “Voice Over Body Shop” (Formerly, “East-West Audio Body Shop”), a weekly national voice-over education program. Go to www.vobs.tv and click the “Show Logs” button.
Jack teaches special classes in character voicing, audiobook narration, use of TwistedWave, and script-reading practice sessions, all at The Voice Actors Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Demos and samples are at my website and at https://soundcloud.com/jackvoicewestcoast

Jack does phone patches with Skype, SourceConnectNow, phone patch, ISDN (with prior arrangement), and ConnectionOpen.