Jd' Pinheiro

Jd' Pinheiro

Membro à 10 anos •
"... more than 30 years of experience ..."

... cultured, sensual and trustworthy voice with a clear speech patter, excellent diction, pronunciation, style & flow!

JD'Almeida Pinheiro worked as a Radio presenter for Radio Comercial Norte, RFM & Radio Geste. Work in television spans behind the scenes: As head-researcher for All we need is love, a reality show. As a reporter for Rumores, TV magazine. And as a TV presenter for the state TV channel 1 - Às Dez, a morning chat show and Mapa Cor-de-Rock, a weekly rock & pop music programme.

Between 2003 and 2007 he reported from the United Kingdom as a foreign correspondent for Rádio Renascença, one of the prime radio stations in Portugal.

Since 1988, he has been building up a career as a professional VOICE-OVER for corporate films, internet use, commercials, radio and television. Being the voice of the National Geographic documentary premier in 1992 remains an achievement as it meant the beginning of private Television in his home land.


- Radio presenter @ Radio Comercial Norte + RFM + Radio Geste Lisboa

- Television presenter @ RTP 1 . Programs: Às Dez + Mapa Cor de Rock

- Head-researcher @ Endemol . Program: All We Need is Love - reality show.

- TV Reporter @ TVi . Program: Rumores

- Radio Foreign correspondent @ R.R. [Rádio Renascença]

JD' has a degree in Education [Hons] from Southampton University. While as a teacher for the Portuguese Education Department in London / Instituto Camões, he travelled extensively to some of the Portuguese speaking world. In Rio de Janeiro, he undertook short courses in movie script writing, Portuguese literature and Dramatic Art.


c l i e n t s :

► AiG . American International Group + Alfa Romeo + Apple Macintosh
► Bausch & Lomb + Barbot tintas + Barclay's Bank + BBC Panorama + Best Western Rewards + Borges & Irmão Bank + British American Tobacco + Broadway Malyan London . Architecture, Urbanism & Design + British Petroleum
► Carrera Eyewear + Casio + Castrol + Credit Management Group + Cutty Sark Whisky
► Daiichi-Sankyo + Digital Dialects + Dolby Atmos
► 888 + Eco Bank + EF + Elf + Epson + Equion
► Ferrero Rocher
► HamDan International Photography Award + Harris Pye + Hewlett Packard + Hodder Education
► IG Markets
► Kaspersky + KEF + Kikkoman
► Love Actually Film by Richard Curtis
► MasterCard + Mateus Rosé + Montepio Geral Banco + Monarch Airlines
► National Geographic + Nicorette
► Oracle
► Parrot Bay + Peugeot + Pizza Hut + Pfizer + PokerStars + Public Health England
► Renault + Ryobi
► SAP + Skype + Smurfit Kappa + Splash Damage
► TalkSPORT + Tripadvisor.com
► Ubisoft + UMM [4x4]
► Vodafone + Volvo
► Windows + Westminster University
► Zurich Academy

& others


For JD' to accurately give you a quote for work, please include as much detail as possible, including the following;

- The type of production (Broadcast, web only, internal corporate, IVR, eLearning etc.)
- Whether it is intended as private, or public (eg. local only, regional, nationwide, or global audience)
- The length of the script in words
- The end client (who is being advertised / communicated) & how large that company is (e.g startup with 1 office, business with multiple offices, or an international brand)
- The length of license - how long you intend for this to be used (eg. 6 months, 12 months, in perpetuity)
- Any special requirements, such as if you need a live monitoring of the session via Skype, ISDN, Source Connect etc. Or if you need editing or audio post completed also.
- Your approximate budget.

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