Heidi Mena

Heidi Mena

Membro à 6 anos
"Give it meaning with Mena's Voice-colorful, engaging & relatable"

Your hard work, talent and commitment to excellence deserves a voice that will make your brand shine all the brighter. Hi, I'm Heidi. I'm a voice actor and I love my job. I also love making your job easier. My voiceover services are backed by years of porfessional voice acting experience and a vocal range as wide as a rainbow. From colorful characters to warm commercial reads, I offer a wide variety of voiceover services that will meet your creative needs and exceed your expectations.


B.S. from University of Platteville, Wisconsin
Creative License--Joe Loesch, Nashville, TN
Actors' School USA--Alan Desert and Joe Loesch, Nashville, TN
Patrick Fraley--Master VO Actor, CA
Rob Paulsen--Master VO Actor, CA
Lisa Biggs--Master VO Actor, NC
Jim Dougherty--Professional Actor, Producer, Director, IN

I discovered my passion for acting at a young age. After years in the industry, I started taking voice-over classes and fell in love with the art form. Today, I work with commercials, character voices, children's audiobooks, training videos, apps, and more. Through my work, I aim to portray characters in an engaging, relatable fashion. I love what I do and my work reflects that. No matter the medium, I bring an artistic flair and whole-hearted dedication to each and every job.


Voice Over for producer/director Derek Vitatoe for movie Anathema
Elementary School Teacher--Teaching all academic content areas, as well as acting and voice over to kids