Gervais Weekes

Gervais Weekes

Membro à 6 anos
"Deep, friendly, conversational voice with great range and abilit"

I have a natural ability to bring out the sound you're looking for with your project. I also take direction very well so any changes or alterations will not be a problem. I have always loved doing voices and with this love, I have trained myself to be able to achieve a particular sound, whether it being for an animated character or for a commercial voice over. When given the opportunity to work on a project, I carry myself in a very respectable and diligent manner and will not stop until the director says the job is finished. With me, you're getting a very talented and hardworking individual who will give 100% effort to complete a job that is to the liking of the client.


I have 2 years of training at Edge Studio with focuses on commercial and narration and minor focuses on animation. The rest of my training comes from natural ability and daily practice.


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Editing vocals.