Gabriel Hernando Fuentes Amorocho

Membro à 4 anos •
"familiar with a touch of fantasy"

I am a Voice actor with high diversity, my voice can do anything in this field. I have trained my voice to this purpose, I can do commercials, institutional voice, animation, Reality shows, radio locution, video games, anything. I'm up to any challenge


With an Academy here in Colombia called Talento International Colombia. In which I have trained in different courses all the different uses of the voice in media. And also I had training with VC Medios which is one of the top dubbing production companies in Colombia.


So far i have worked with the academy, i'm recently new to this world of voice acting and i want to improve and widen my horizons


I would say my expertise is that i speak different languages such as english, german and spanish. I'm good at changing the tone of my voice, adjusting it to the specific need.