Fariba Armani

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"A Global Voice for a Global Audience"

Having been raised in a polyglot household with multiple years living in various countries, my accent profile is that perfect mix of neutral English and ethnically ambiguous, one that appeals to a global audience devoid of any one identifiable dominant accent or regionalism. With a Master’s degree in International Communication and many years of working with ethnically diverse populations, I understand how to introduce subjects to a culturally diverse audience and apply that understanding to my pace, intonation, inflection, and expression during a read.

A lifelong traveler, learner, and lover of the arts, I have a special place in my heart for narration, E-learning, and storytelling.


As a full-time on-camera talent, I decided to add to my acting repertoire by training in VO at the Theatre Lab of Washington DC. Completely taken by what I had learned, I decided to advance my learning experience through private coaching and since then, I have trained with some of the best coaches in the industry.


I have completed a number of VO projects for some local organizations, and I have several years of experience in front of the camera which is mostly comprised of commercial and industrial work and has often resulted in bookings with repeat clients.


With a strong background in language and writing, I have superb editing skills.