Erin Setch

Erin Setch

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"Youthful, Friendly, Millennial, Conversational, Real, Authentic" |

Erin Setch’s millennial voice has been described as warm, friendly, relatable, conversational and confident. If you're looking for very natural young to middle age, fun and friendly female voice over - she's your girl. Years of training and a background in creative writing and music has given her a great foundation for Voice Acting. After years of working with professional voice talents she's come to expect a lot from the people she works with, clean audio, consistent quality, quick turnaround, and the ability to interpret copy. As a professional voice talent, she delivers nothing less. Erin is an award winning creative writer who understands the intricacies of voiceover.

Erin sounds as down to earth and approachable as she is. She's easy to work with and works in a professional ISDN/Source Connect equipped studio all day, everyday. She shifts gears from youthful & hip and fresh to energetic with enthusiasm, to smooth and sultry with ease. Relating to young and old alike... If you're looking for a celebrity read in the style of Rachel McAdams, Natalie Portman, Rashida Jones, Scarlett Johansson, Anna Kendrick, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Erin is a smart choice.

Erin's voice has been described as Conversational, Dynamic, Millennial, Gen X, Generation X, Gen Y, Generation Y, Cool, Animated, Smart, Strong, Trendy, Comforting, Energetic, Informative, Knowledgeable, Modern, Sincere, Sweet, Youthful, Bright, Down-to-Earth, Educated, Reliable, Seasoned, Announcer, Versatile, Girl-Next-Door, Engaging, Funny, Natural, Friendly, Unique, Quirky, Inviting, Articulate and Talented, Intelligent, Honest, Vibrant, Young Mom, Polished, Dependable, Corporate, Professional, Sassy, Neutral, Enthusiastic, Fun, Sexy, Trustworthy, Stylish.

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Erin has a Radio Broadcast Diploma and that led to a career in Voice Over. She is part owner of a freelance production house. She has studied and trained with Marice Tobias and many other renowned vocal coaches.


Recent clients include:
YouTube TV (2019 Superbowl Commercials)
Erin can be heard across North America as the voice of Radio Stations and Television Affiliates.


My background in music has trained my ear and I'm very easy to direct.