Eric Peterson

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"As Hilarious as it Sounds.... :D"
Eric Peterson

I'm Passionate, Enthusiastic, and Humble. From illustrating and voicing editorials, cartoons, and newspapers I'm radically different. I'm also Trustworthy, Sincere, and Dependable.

I've had long lasting success with art and illustration before and I know I have Talent. I've been trusted with other people's secrets. I can be trusted with yours.
Try the Hot Pockets! They're to die for!


Bob Carter- Neighborhood Studio


30 Years On Stage Performer and professional Musician. Expert drummer, percussionist, and instructor.
Professional Public Speaker and Lecturer- Music, Art, and International Cultures Focused.
40 years Creative and Illustrative Design for Commercial, Educational, and Corporate Clients
Publicly recognized and published humorist. More than a dozen articles, critiques, and interviews published.


I can compose, I can write, I can CREATE, and I can Voice. Whether it's Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, or World Beat I work with a team of professionals who have decades of experience in the Business and we'd love the opportunity to compete for yours!