Emma Lance

Emma Lance

Membro à 3 anos •
"The voice of authenticity"

My work is honest. I'm the friend recommending their favorite product, not an ad pushing its agenda. The voice of the girl you wished lived next door. I am upbeat, confident, rich-sounding with a slight rasp, and authentic. The sound of your best friend. Millennial. Intelligent. Attitude. Quirk.
I have found a very comfortable spot in commercial voice over, but love working in character voice when I can. I love what I do, and will do my best to make every recording experience a lighthearted and productive session.


+5 years of acting experience in Woodstock district
1 year of formal training with Edge Studio


My favorite project I've ever done is my video game voice over for a local virtual reality startup. It was a flying broom ride. Fanaticus XR


Advanced accent work. Spanish speaker. Creative consulting