Ed White

Ed White

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"His regular guy voice will define your product or service, and m"

Ed's voice and style is perfect for Documentaries, Narrations, Commercials, Telephone Prompts and Messages on Hold.
His voice is especially good for Instructive or Educational Text,
and he is quite comfortable with Medical, Scientific and Pharmaceutical Text.

Bringing a variety of talents to the studio, Ed offers any project/production more than just a voice. He brings, dependability, individuality and most importantly Professionalism.

His regular guy voice will define your product or service, and make the public identify with your message.


Ed has studied with…….

Bob Bergen, teacher, mentor, Voice Artist, and friend,
The voice of Warner Brothers: Porky Pig, Tweety, and countless others.

Jordan Rich, WBZ Radio host,
and VP of Chart Productions

DB Cooper, Voice Coach

Phyllis Day, Voice Coach


Ed has been the the most famous "unknown' voice in the Boston area for years.


Ed’s studio, and operations is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, right between MIT and Harvard University, he’s still hoping all that knowledge gets absorbed by proximity.
With today’s Quality Recording Technology, Ed can (split his time) and take advantage of multiple locations, and provide the quality services he’s been known for.
And, it would not be unusual to meet Ed during the summer months at the beach in York, Maine.