Dick Shafran

Membro à 8 anos
"rich and pleasant low range"
Dick Shafran

Dick Shafran, a familiar voice from Detroit broadcasting, offers a rich and pleasant low-range voice. Dick’s persuasive style in voice work is very appealing whether romancing the listener or introducing a concept with boldness and strength. Dick is also an excellent spokesman for both commercial and industrial work. He is highly versatile and a pleasure to work with. Dick brings a dynamic freshness to all his voice-overs. You will appreciate Dick’s ability!


In his years in broadcast Dick has voiced almost every kind of copy. Following his brodcast years Dick has changed his delivery to match what the copy called for to great success.


Dick has worked in both the broadcast and freelance areas of voiceovers. He can be heard on everything from radio/TV commercials to industrials and on hold phone messages. You may also hear him on an occasional movie trailer.


Our studio has been responsible for the production of at least 15 Addy Award-Winning commercials, sound for many award-winning industrial productions, as well as literally thousands of other commercials, industrial/corporate, documentary, and web-based productions. Our studio has been in operation since 1982.

Our computer-based recording and digital editing gives us simultaneous access to an unlimited number of recording tracks with complete automated mixing of finished tracks. We can master your production at anything up a 96 kHz sampling rate and 24 bit audio. Final production can be in just about any audio format you can name. Most popular are mp3, wav, aif, wma, ogg, aac, or CD audio (using CD-R). We maintain a very reliable and easy to use ftp on-line web storage site for you to download a file of whatever audio format or size you require. Utilizing our on-line web storage costs you no additional fee.

Signet’s studio is equipped with lots of digital effects including many forms of reverb and compression schemes with complete mixing and equalization if needed. We utilize large-capsule studio condenser mics for any talent recording. Our studio’s excellent acoustic quality place it well above many ‘booths’ or smaller facilities.

Also included, at additional charge, is a selection of music from the Valentino® library, FootageFirm® Music, FreePlay Music® the Omnimusic® Library and the Capitol® Professional™ music series, as well as sound effects, cross-referenced. (Some music requires licensing which would be the responsibility of your company, client, station or network directly.)

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